Telephone Systems


CTS is a certified Panasonic reseller and installer.

CTS is a certified Panasonic reseller and installer.

Cox Telephone Service, Inc. features Panasonic as our primary telephone provider.

Panasonic offers systems that are sized to meet the needs of the small to medium size business as well as large corporations, manufacturing facilities, schools and hospitals.

There’s a Panasonic Communication Platform that is ideal for your business whether you are in need of a digital system with handsets for one office, or full IP voice communication system solution capable of serving multiple office locations across the globe. Communicating with colleagues wherever they are is made easier with telephone Communication Platforms such as the KX-NS1000 next generation capable of integrating with smartphones and tablets, offering built in voicemail, high quality sound and reliability.

If you want to combine a more traditional telephone system with IP technology our Hybrid Communication Platforms or Hybrid Digital Platfortelephone-systemsms allow you to continue using standard digital and analogue telephones alongside new technology. Ultimately flexible, they allow you to control costs as you progress from older, to new technology solutions at a pace that suits your business needs.

If you are just starting out in business, the Panasonic new business editions are designed for smaller businesses like yours, providing digital or VoIP telephone network solutions for up to 16 users with voicemail and integration with your PC’s.